We help refugee claimants within Canada with every step of the refugee determination process

This includes assistance with:

  • Refugee Process Orientation
  • Advice on how to prepare, apply and present a refugee claim
  • Preparing for a hearing with the IRB
  • Completing a Basis of Claim Form and other necessary forms
  • Support through the process of family reunification
  • Full access to our Settlement services

We show refugee claimants how to get legal help, how to file and prepare appeals following negative decisions, and how to initiate Humanitarian and Compassionate applications for failed refugee claimants.

Guiding successful refugee claimants throughout their journey, as they move from being Convention Refugees and persons in need of protection to Permanent Residents and finally Canadian citizens is an important part of our service to the community.


Community Legal Education Ontario

How Canada's Refugee System Works

How to apply for Refugee status from inside Canada

University of Ottawa Refugee Assistance Project

Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR)

Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL)

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) (the IRB website includes the Basis of Claim Form, Claimant’s Guides, and IRB guidelines and policies)

Legal Aid Ontario: Refugee Law

Kinbrace Community Society Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide